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Tiling patch and repairs service

Replacing damaged tiles or repairing any hard surface, making the job look as good as new

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The perfect fix

Our vast portfolio of tile manufacturers gives you the best chance of a perfectly-matched replacement for your damaged tiles, even if they are out of production. We can also repair any hard surface back to its original form as if the damage was never there.

Damage inspection

Depending on the job, site visits are available to inspect and assess the damage

Isolated removal

Isolation and removal of damaged tiles without affecting any of the surrounding areas

The perfect match

Full research and sourcing of the best matching tiles is meticulously undertaken

Swap out

Re-allocation of tiles to cover the damaged area, ensuring uniformity of appearance

Last resort

Colour matched resin repairs available if the tile cannot be matched from suppliers

The final touch

Expert buffing and polishing of the repair to finish and match the surrounding surfaces

Free tile samples for your mood board

Making sure your tender looks complete, we will supply you with agreed samples so you can complete your mood board ready for your client.

What our customers say...

I am currently working with Konix and they have been excellent in providing alternative tiles for the project that are in the project budget and to the client’s teams expectations. I have also worked with Konix on previous projects where they completed the works to a very high standard and on time.

Nicola Harris (Project Surveyor)

Konix are a professional & reliable contractor who will deliver a quality job. They are very helpful and extremely proactive to our demands, I would definitely recommend Konix! You can rely on them if you require a tiling contractor who will work with you and provide the quality finish.

David Warren (Project Manager)

I have employed Konix on numerous occasions and have always found them to be professional, efficient and more than anything else – they care!

Martin Rymer (Director Building Consultant)

Fully insured and working with these names


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